elinsofia / posted on 18 July 2014

More of my tryouts with natural dyes. Rhubarb, red cabbage and black beans has become some of my favorites. 

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elinsofia / posted on 16 July 2014

Lately I’ve been painting with onion skins, blueberries and cherries. 

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elinsofia / posted on 9 July 2014

Back for the dyeing course in Dals Långed. The first day we went for a trip to Örtagården in Dals Rostock. Lovely garden with many medicinal plants that can also be used for dyeing. 

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elinsofia / posted on 17 June 2014

The summer is here and I take a summer course in experimental natural dyeing at Stenebyskolan. Some tryouts from the first day.

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elinsofia / posted on 9 June 2014

Opening day of the exhibition at HDK. 

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elinsofia / posted on 5 June 2014

From todays preview of the exhibition.

The grand opening will be tomorrow, 11-18. Come by and say hi, have a drink and take a look at all the creative things that has been going on in school the last couple of months. 

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elinsofia / posted on 30 May 2014

Pillowcases can also be found at À la London, design market. 

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elinsofia / posted on 29 May 2014

Trays ready and to be sold at A la London design market in Gothenburg this weekend.
They are 20x27cm, and made from one of the fabrics from the collection I made as my degree project. 

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TAGS: alalondon designmarknad pattern mönster

elinsofia / posted on 27 May 2014

 Trying out things for the exhibition. The room is lovely!

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